Savoy Court

"It looks absolutely fantastic, Its everything that we were hoping for. Simon has captured exactly what we were wanting for this space reflecting the history of the site whilst staying true to the style that makes Simon's art so captivating. Thank you so much, its superb"

Director, DTZ investors sourced from Art Acumen 2018


Link to Interview with Simon Casson "The Savoyards" (in progress)

Art Acumen Ltd

The Savoyards


150 x 400 cm, oil on canvas

Mayfair London


Spirrity and Spire I 2019

200 x 456 cm. oil on canvas

Private commission

Belmond Cadogan Hotel


Ablement and Ablish


135 x 125 cm

Belmond Cadogan Hotel

75 Sloane St, Chelsea, London SW1X 9SG

Contemporary art and design elements, such as scuplture lighting, bring the hotel in the 21st century and give a nod to its cultured location. "Adorning our walls are 430 pieces of original artwork, by mainly British artists." says Kabelitz. " One striking piece is the lobby, above the hand - carved reception desk. An original piece by Simon Casson, the piece depicts the history of the Cadogan Estate and is certainly a talking point  for guests when checking in."

Source : Architecture Digest, April issue, Elizabeth Stamp

Nieaw Statendam

Holland American Line

Dyptich painting

 Drashel Deep (left) and Drashel Air (right)

76 x 66 x 2 cm, oil on canvas

Holland America Line's ne Niew Statendam is a floating gallery filled with paintings and sculptures.....Fragments of old masters blend with modern abstraction in British painter Simon Casson's Drashel Air and Drashel Deep on one of the staircases.

The Pavilion 2014

Photography Courtesy Michael Boitier of Workplace Art Consultancy.

Parlish 2014, oil on canvas, 142 x 269 cm

Photography Courtesy Courtesy Michael Boitier of Workplace Art Consultancy.

Frandish 2014, oil on canvas, 200 x 185 cm

Workplace Art Consultancy

Kleinwort Benson 2011

Photography Courtesy Art Acumen

Photography Courtesy Art Acumen

Art Acumen Ltd

 Lupercalia, Ilia and Mars

190 x 240 cm 2011

BC Partners 2009

Photography Courtesy Michael Boitier

Photography Courtesy Michael Boitier - The Casson Room

Workplace Art Consultancy

 The Daedala

110 x 260 cm

Aspleys, The Lanesborough 2008

International Art Consultants

The Great Daedala

300 x 500 cm 2008

There are often one or two features from a Tihany design that emboss themselves on the mind. In Foliage, its the galss linear wine rooms and the silhoutted opulence of the bar; liquor bottles stoed on walled shelves of a frosted-glass drinks room, backlit to paint bottle rows of russet, jade and mauve on the glass. In Aspleys, its the chandeliers and Simon Casson's post-Renaissance painting. Eight feet by 17ft and facing the door, it's an Old Master ripped up and reassembled blind. Like taking apart a Bentley under a car magnet, " it feels like a post-Renaissance on LSD," says Tihany. "Maybe some Renaissance painter took some pills and just went nuts. We wanted something modern but that had a classical feel to it. This is it."


Extract from the article; "U.S designer Adam Tihany on his third project in London"

Catererearch magazine published April 2008

Palm Beach 2006

Gallerie de Bellefuielle

Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos

190 x 240 cm

Barclays 1998

Long & Ryle

Odysseus return to Ithaca

300 x 120 cm