The Pavilion 2014

Photography Courtesy Michael Boitier of Workplace Art Consultancy.

Parlish 2014, oil on canvas, 142 x 269 cm

Photography Courtesy Courtesy Michael Boitier of Workplace Art Consultancy.

Frandish 2014, oil on canvas, 200 x 185 cm

Workplace Art Consultancy


Kleinwort Benson 2011

Photography Courtesy Art Acumen

Photography Courtesy Art Acumen

Art Acumen Ltd

Title Lupercalia, Ilia and Mars

190 x 240 cm 2011

BC Partners 2009

Photography Courtesy Michael Boitier

Photography Courtesy Michael Boitier - The Casson Room

Workplace Art Consultancy

Title The Daedala

110 x 260 cm

Aspleys, The Lanesborough 2008

International Art Consultants

Title The Great Daedala

300 x 500 cm 2008

There are often one or two features from a Tihany design that emboss themselves on the mind. In Foliage, its the galss linear wine rooms and the silhoutted opulence of the bar; liquor bottles stoed on walled shelves of a frosted-glass drinks room, backlit to paint bottle rows of russet, jade and mauve on the glass. In Aspleys, its the chandeliers and Simon Casson's post-Renaissance painting. Eight feet by 17ft and facing the door, it's an Old Master ripped up and reassembled blind. Like taking apart a Bentley under a car magnet, " it feels like a post-Renaissance on LSD," says Tihany. "Maybe some Renaissance painter took some pills and just went nuts. We wanted something modern but that had a classical feel to it. This is it."


Extract from the article; "U.S designer Adam Tihany on his third project in London"

Catererearch magazine published April 2008

Palm Beach 2006

Gallerie de Bellefuielle

Title Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos

190 x 240 cm

Barclays 1998

Long & Ryle

Title Odysseus return to Ithaca

300 x 120 cm

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