Casson is that rare beast, a painter who can command the skills more common to the ateliers of three centuries ago than to today, who yet disrupts his own facility in order to make an image…

Art Critic The Spectator 2009

It looks absolutely fantastic, Its everything that we were hoping for. Simon has captured exactly what we were wanting for this space reflecting the history of the site whilst staying true to the…

Director, DTZ investors 2018

Fantastical landscape, combining the English pastoral scene with an almost theatrical metaphysical back drop, lies behind the constructed situation of figure and still-life.

Essay from the Smeech and Hrain series 2012

The Handling is immensely skilful and witty, the editing of paint-mark finely judged.

Andrew Lambirth The Spectator 2009

Holed up in his Somerset manse, the artist Simon Casson has become as mythic as his paintings, described by the trendy New York interior designer Adam Tihany as "the Renaissance on…

The Independent 2000

Simon Casson's paintings cross a cultural divide, uniting figurative art with the severity of abstract modernism.

The Week 1998

Titles from classical mythology – such as Pelias's Journey – add a slightly mere dignity and depth; but for all the fashionable ambiguity, these paintings with their rich colours and surfaces,…

Art Critic The Week 1998

Interestingly, Casson's Daedala series is almost like a quilting of his knowledge - a patch of history there, a splash of Renaissance there, all overlaid with a hint of modernity.

Art Critic Shanghai Talk 2008

He paints like a dream he is painting dreams — and you could, eat the luscious surface of his pictures with a spoon; one feels that there's nothing Casson could not do with a brush.

Art Critic Commercial Appeal Memphis 2005

It is as though Titian has yielded up a canvas to Jackson Pollock or Asger Jorn. Indeed, we may remember that some of the more playful yet serious work of the Danish master consisted in, precisely…

Critic and Author