London Art Fair 2022

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simon casson art work
simon casson art work
simon Casson art work
simon Casson Art Work

Long and Ryle Gallery will be representing Simon Casson at the London Art Fair 2022

After the cancellation of this years London Art Fair in January, the 34th edition of the London Art Fair will now be rescheduled to take place at the usual venue (business Design Centre) from 21 to 24 April this year, (preview 20 April).

Link to the  London Art Fair for further information and details of Long & Ryle’s stand.

Contact Gallery Directors Sarah Long and Carolyn Ryle or the Manager Yasmin for further information at Long & Ryle Gallery

Further posts and links related to Simon Casson's work at the Art Fair will be posted shortly. I’m the meantime here is a shot of an installation of Nights Mizmaze with two smaller paintings to the right , Anear II and Anear IV.


simon casson art work
LAF 2022 Courtesy of Long & Ryle Gallery London